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Jacques Poujade


Jacques Poujade

As a managing partner and leading professional in the financial field, I have a passion for seeing an endeavor through to its lucrative end. One of the most popular financial endeavors is flipping homes. That’s because it’s accessible, customizable, and often provides a return on investment leaving those that pursue the adventure with more money in their pocket than they began with.

The thing about taking a risk is, that you have a chance to lose. Oftentimes, this is due to not seeking out the knowledge that you need or understanding the knowledge that you do have thoroughly. From my experience, I know that those without the proper knowledge tend to make mistakes and doing so can uproot the entire mission. Here are the 5 mistakes to avoid when flipping your first home.


It’s important to gain your resources on all platforms. Whether it’s being prepared for the time the endeavor will take, having the financial resources for surprise situations, or simply understanding how much learning the process will take is extremely important. By preparing and planning ahead, you’ll have a solid foundation for beginning your lucrative endeavor. Not planning ahead of time can lead to surprised that cause you to have to abandon your project.


It’s important to keep an open mind to knowledge and seek out opportunities to keep new information constantly coming in. Whether it’s learning from those that you work with, seeking out new networking opportunities, or learning from your own mistakes and accomplishments, the key to success is through the knowledge that you’re willing to accept. If you are not prepared to or have no interest in learning more, you’re open to many mistakes tricking into the process.

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It’s important to pull your resources. While no one situation is identical, it’s important to pull your resources. Thinking that you can go through the process alone is a mistake and it’s important to keep in mind.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is key to success as you ebb and flow through the home flipping process. Just because you have a plan and it’s the best plan one day, doesn’t mean that it’ll continue to be the best plan the next day. Staying open to change as you learn and grow as well as staying flexible amid any scenarios that might arise, it’s vital to keep an open mind.

Have Fun

Why did you get into this in the first place? Did you want to be your own boss? Did you want to find a way to make a decent income? Did you want a creative outlet? It’s important to remember that – even on the difficult days – you began your endeavor because you could enjoy it. Remember why you started and let it fuel your success.

Mistakes are easy to make when you’re in the middle of a new journey. As a leader in investment endeavors, I know the importance of preparation and how to learn from and work through potential mistakes to be your most successful self!

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