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An open house is essentially an arranged time period in which a home is designated to be viewed by prospective buyers. Typically real estate agents work with homeowners to set up a time to open the doors of the house to anyone who may want to come in and see it. This allows the real estate agent to show the house to the masses rather than do individual showings, which can be time consuming and force the homeowners out of their houses. It is estimated by real estate agents that a minimum of 20 percent of the sales they make result from having open houses. Below are 5 tips for hosting the best open house.

Select the Best Day and Time for the Open House

Sunday afternoon is the typical date and time for an open house. This is because prospective buyers are normally free at this time. While this may be the tradition, you should not be scared of exploring other unconventional date and time slots based on your target audience. These open houses should be advertised with greater emphasis being placed on the unconventional dates and times. Prospective buyers typically expect viewing on Sundays; therefore it is important to emphasize where you are going against the norm.



You should declutter your home before moving on to any other aspect of preparing for the open house. This will enable buyers to concentrate on the home. Additionally, it will lessen the risk of your items being stolen during the open house. Concentrate on creating open surfaces. For instance, your countertops should not be cluttered with appliances.


Once the countertops and closets have been cleared, it is time to concentrate on cleaning. The property should be in pristine condition before the open house; this means thoroughly cleaning it from top to bottom. Every nook and cranny should be gleaming, from the crustiness in the oven to the cobwebs in the corners.

Stage the Home

To pull off a successful open house, the environment will have to appeal to the largest amount of prospective buyers. Inexperienced realtors are sometimes unsure about how to stage the home to get the most out of the open house. However, it is important to consider the particular buyers and the things that will mostly appeal to them. There are a number of ways to showcase the potential of the house, even if it is now vacant. Home staging maximizes impact. The process can include things such as clearing and cleaning rooms and closets, making noticeable repairs, using neutral colors to repaint, and making the space as impersonal as you can.

Advertise the Open House

The majority of open houses are advertised using neighborhood signage; however, other effective strategies that can be used include social media. The advertising channels can reach a highly-targeted audience who will most likely talk about the upcoming event with others.

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