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Entrepreneurs and experts dance to a different beat than the rest of the world. They’re used to taking risks, they take advantage of their creativity and they’re always on the lookout for the next trend that could give their business a boost. This sometimes includes working with digital marketing experts like Arshad Madhani who specialize in creative digital marketing that truly reflects a product or brand.

Madhani is an Atlanta-based marketing consultant who helps clients meet target business goals using creative, strategic marketing. He received his MBA from Texas A&M University. Here he shares insights on what digital marketing is and how it is changing the entrepreneurial landscape.

What made you go into marketing and consulting?

I’ve always had this knack for sales even when I was small. I’d be creating stuff and selling these to my friends. I loved the interactions that are created in marketing, as people exchange products and services. I also love how my creativity is piqued when I become motivated to make something attractive and appealing to potential consumers.

How do you help your clients on a daily basis?

I work with clients in coming up with strategies to boost their marketing, revamping an existing marketing campaign, or brainstorming for ways to market a new product. This requires me to get to know that company, product or brand, its core values and how it wants to project itself to the world, and know what the target demographic is. All these are important in coming up with a customized strategy that fits the marketing agenda of the client.

Are there any useful blogs that you follow?

Yes, I follow Seth’s Blog and the Four Hour Workweek blog by Tom Ferris. I follow so many more blogs but these are the ones I would recommend for a busy entrepreneur because they’re very easy, entertaining reads and they are regularly updated. They appeal to everyone from new entrepreneurs to those who have been in the industry for years.

Are there any trends that have great potential for marketing today?

With innovation going at breakneck speed it is not hard to see which tools will give traditional marketing campaigns that needed edge. I’m a bit old school in that I think we still have not optimized how to use video in marketing. Video is great for cramming a ton of information in a 5-minute clip, for example. Video is flexible, is supported by almost all social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and it allows brands to interact in a more personal way with followers and customers. It’s a great way to foster brand awareness because it can be entertaining and informative at the same time.

What is one business tip you’d give to new entrepreneurs?

Prioritize relationships. Networking is well and good but there should be solid relationships behind each connection you make. You don’t have to be chummy with every person you meet but there should be sincerity and intention in your relationships if you want to build a credible brand.

Know more about Arshad Madhani visit his website at www.arshadmadhani.com

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