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Here are Ways to Handle Client Objections During The Pandemic

Jacques Poujade


Jacques Poujade

Are you trying to run a business in a pandemic? If you answered ‘yes’, then you are one of many trying to navigate trying times as an entrepreneur.

While it isn’t easy, many are finding ways to rise above the adverse climate that we find ourselves in to make their business stronger than ever before.

As a real estate entrepreneur and managing partner at LendPlus, I understand the importance of fighting through adversity to maintain (and grow!) your business.

There are a variety of obstacles that your business can face every day but it can be especially tough in uncertain times like this. The COVID-19 has been particularly challenging to real estate investors which is why I am sharing how to handle client objections during the pandemic.

Lone Rangers

Do you have a client that is considering going their own way and buy a property without a real estate agent? While it’s a common objection even in normal times, it can become especially tempting due to the newly remote role of the agent.

It’s important that you continue communications with your client at a more advanced and thorough level. Just because you can’t sit down in an office with your client doesn’t mean that you should be any less involved in their property purchase.

In fact, this is the best time for you to convey how a real estate agent changes the game for clients through all obstacles whether it’s in person or remote. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the property, set your clients up for success via virtual tours, and ensure you’re getting them a deal that only a professional can make possible.

Permanent Renters

Is your client considering halting the buying process altogether and resigning a lease? While it’s not uncommon in normal times, it’s extremely common with the uncertainty of today’s world.

While the global current events are a daily reminder that we have no control over tomorrow, the reality is that that we never truly in control. The reality is that the more uncertain the future is, the better the market is for buyers so taking a slight risk is actually one of the best things that you can do for your wallet and long-term success.

Window Shopping

Do you have clients that might have once seemed genuinely interested but have turned into property window shoppers? Chances are that if they started looking around for properties and were serious enough to chat with you, a real estate professional, that it wasn’t a completely fruitless endeavor.

Take your time to build rapport with your clients and understand what they want. It’s important to continue driving the point that we are living in a buyer’s world and that you are there to ensure they get the most out of it.

Busy Bees

Do you have a client that you just can’t get in contact with? While it’s important to be respectful of your client’s time, it’s also important to build and maintain your relationship in the process.

Try and understand what their schedule is like to knpw how to effectively sell them their desired home depending on their needs, lifestyle and income.

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