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by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

iAdvance Now!

In the last few years, iAdvance Now has turned into one of the top financial solutions for business owners around the USA. The president of the company, Eddie Hamid, recently took some time out of his day to do a short interview. I was able to ask him a little about his business and life […]

by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

For Sale By Owner Jacques Poujade

It seems like a straightforward process but selling your home is actually more complex (and complicated) than expected. Paperwork, repairs, ads, and pricing are just some of the concerns that need to be addressed before and during a sale, which is why many homeowners hire real estate agents to do the work for them. However, […]

by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

Real Estate Marketing Strategies Jacques Poujade

Since I work with real estate agents on a daily basis, I am always observing the latest in successful marketing techniques that they use. It can be extremely beneficial to focus on some of the techniques that can yield positive results. Out of all the ones I have seen put to the test, here are […]