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by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

Reverse Mortgage Jacques Poujade

A reverse mortgage is something that allows a homeowner to have the opportunity to borrow against their homes equity. This is done while still having ownership of the home. A lot of people use it as a viable retirement planning tool, creating a stream of income by using a large asset. This type of mortgage […]

by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

Refinancing 101 Jacques Poujade

If you’ve watched television over the last 15 years or so, you’ve probably seen an ad to refinance your mortgage. They make it sound like the greatest thing ever, but it can’t be as good as they claim, right? Sadly, many Americans don’t understand the fundamentals of refinancing, making it challenging for them to determine […]

by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

Better Credit Tips Jacques Poujade

With so many credit score commercials, advertisements and more, most people already know the importance of a high credit score. Most don’t really pay much attention to it though until a major purchase is on the horizon, such as home buying. So how can a low credit score improve? Here are my three favorite tips […]

by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

Troy Caruso Radium2 Capital Chats Small Business

Troy Caruso began his working life in the construction industry, giving him firsthand knowledge of being on the front lines of a business that he carries into his work as CEO of Radium2 Capital. Radium2 Capital is an alternative finance company that helps entrepreneurs and other small business owners secure funding when traditional banks will […]

by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

Debt Payoffs 2019 Jacques Poujade

This coming new year, I recommend taking steps towards a complete debt payoff. Getting your loans paid will not only lighten your financial burden for the next 12 months, it will also help you start with a clean slate and potentially buy a home. Based on a report by the Federal Reserve, the average household […]