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Home Staging Tips Jacques Poujade


Any newly purchased property should feel and look new to its buyer. House staging is the renovation of a residence’s interior and exterior by its owner, positioning the residence to sell quickly, fetch as many potential buyers as possible, and at the highest possible price.

Staging involves showcasing a home’s best features which will lure customers into buying the actual residence. By staging a house, the owner must let go of any emotional attachments as these can be easily recreated in a new house.

Importance of Home Staging

Home staging clears personal elements, allowing a buyer to feel like it’s a blank slate at one’s disposal for customizing as one wishes. Staging also helps declutter and open up a room, allowing a potential buyer to move about and discover each room’s potential. Lastly, home staging includes a lot of thorough cleaning which will help remove odors which the owner might have become immune to.

Home Staging Tips

Before staging a house, a home owner has to clearly understand the customers’ tastes and interests. Once this is put into consideration, then the house staging can commence. Here are some of my recommendations for home staging:

Stage Where it Counts

As a potential seller, note the most influential rooms as those would highly determine the possibility of a sell. From living areas to kitchens, staging in all the right places could bring you a good return on your staging investment.

Upgrading the Curb Appeal

It is no doubt that as human beings, we are tend to judge a book by its cover. As one drives by, a house should look appealing. This is typically the first impression a buyer gets. Many times this alone determines if a buyer ever steps foot in the house. Upgrading your curb appeal is as simple as power-washing patios, mowing the lawn, and adding blooming, potted plants.

Deep Clean

Normal routine cleaning could seem efficient, however, this could mean ignoring the less conspicuous corners. Who knows; it might be the first corner a potential buyer sees. Seeking professional help and a good deep clean could be the thing that gives your house an edge over competitors.

Patch and Repair

From chipped wooden floors to loose cabinet door hinges, a little repair can help the house put its best foot forward.


The home color theme should be neutral from the paint to the floor tiles. This can be highly welcoming and allows buyers to picture their own decor better.


Putting away any unnecessary items and extra furniture and making sure the furniture size is not too big for the room, are two ways to declutter your house and open up the space to potential buyers.

Utilize Extra Rooms

Though extra rooms and spaces are often mini “junk yards”, one can create an extra bedroom or office room out of it to really showcase to the buyer how much space the house actually has.

Use Only Perfect Personal Accents

Showcase only the appealing items. Leaving out the stained and odor filled items will create a fresh environment.

Stage the Outdoors

The backyard should exude a similar vibrant mood as the house, don’t leave this little bit out.

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