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Home Staging Tips Jacques Poujade

Any newly purchased property should feel and look new to its buyer. House staging is the renovation of a residence’s interior and exterior by its owner, positioning the residence to sell quickly, fetch as many potential buyers as possible, and at the highest possible price. Staging involves showcasing a home’s best features which will lure […]

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Reverse Mortgage Jacques Poujade

A reverse mortgage is something that allows a homeowner to have the opportunity to borrow against their homes equity. This is done while still having ownership of the home. A lot of people use it as a viable retirement planning tool, creating a stream of income by using a large asset. This type of mortgage […]

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For Sale By Owner Jacques Poujade

It seems like a straightforward process but selling your home is actually more complex (and complicated) than expected. Paperwork, repairs, ads, and pricing are just some of the concerns that need to be addressed before and during a sale, which is why many homeowners hire real estate agents to do the work for them. However, […]

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Real Estate Marketing Strategies Jacques Poujade

Since I work with real estate agents on a daily basis, I am always observing the latest in successful marketing techniques that they use. It can be extremely beneficial to focus on some of the techniques that can yield positive results. Out of all the ones I have seen put to the test, here are […]

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Refinancing 101 Jacques Poujade

If you’ve watched television over the last 15 years or so, you’ve probably seen an ad to refinance your mortgage. They make it sound like the greatest thing ever, but it can’t be as good as they claim, right? Sadly, many Americans don’t understand the fundamentals of refinancing, making it challenging for them to determine […]

by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

Tips for First Time Home Buyers Jacques Poujade

LendPlus is an alternative-lending company that aims to provide clients with the funding they need through varied and flexible loan terms, a friendly staff, and a premium on low rates. With myself at the helm and our world-class customer service team, LendPlus has risen to become one of the leading lenders in the industry. Services […]