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Real Estate Marketing Strategies Jacques Poujade


Since I work with real estate agents on a daily basis, I am always observing the latest in successful marketing techniques that they use. It can be extremely beneficial to focus on some of the techniques that can yield positive results. Out of all the ones I have seen put to the test, here are the five I feel are most important.

Invest In 3D Tour Setups and Virtual Stagings

Accessibility is huge in 2019, and that is why it really helps any real estate agent to offer the best technology available for shoppers online. There’s nothing quite like visiting a listing in person, but gone are the days of just simple pictures from each room. It might take a little bit more time, effort, and money, but 3D tours and virtual staging of every single listing can really be huge.

Not only are virtual tours valuable for the initial sale, but it does a great job in making others feel like they should suggest you to friends and family. It is extremely easy to share a listing with someone to get an idea on what a home looks like. It does take a little bit of an investment, but it is well worth it to stand out from the competition.

Focus On Ranking For Niche Keywords in your Market

Some of the most popular keywords when it comes to Google have been focused on to death at this stage. It might seem like it is nearly impossible to rank for anything worthwhile in a real estate market. The good news is that there are always going to be very specific niche keywords that real estate agents can go after.

One way to really rank well and have success is to focus on a stream of words instead of just something that is basic. For example, a listing that has a title and is focused on “ranch style homes for sale in _______” has a good chance to rank highly for those searching specifically for that. There will not be as many searches, but that particular niche can still be fruitful.

Partner Up With Businesses/Brands

There is a lot that goes into a new piece of real estate. While buying a home can be pretty big in itself, there is also the fact that it needs to be filled. More and more real estate agents are figuring out that staging a home can actually be a business opportunity in itself. By partnering up with a business or brand locally, the agent and the owner can help each other out. Something featured in a staging has a much better chance of gain exposure, and businesses will pay for that as part of a partnership. If it is successful for the business, the partnership can continue for a long time.

Consider A Podcast For Your Real Estate Area

Podcast Real Estate Jacques Poujade

With so many people busy throughout the day, podcasts have become increasingly popular for people on the go. They’re able to listen and consume information while doing a lot of other things. Since podcasts are still relatively new, especially in the real estate world, a good community-focused real estate podcast can be beneficial.

It is really important to focus on the community, because that will be the best way to generate interest for you as an agent. If the podcast is simply focusing on general real estate stuff, it will not be able to differentiate from others that much.

Don’t Forget About Offline Interactions

Finally, in a world of technology, there is something special about offline interactions. Not only is it important to reach new clients, but keeping up with older ones can be very helpful as well. Sometimes, a simple interaction offline can be worth a lot more than constant emails that come off like spam to a lot of people.

With a great personality offline, referrals are much more likely. Don’t become someone who just focuses on online growth.

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