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In the last few years, iAdvance Now has turned into one of the top financial solutions for business owners around the USA. The president of the company, Eddie Hamid, recently took some time out of his day to do a short interview. I was able to ask him a little about his business and life in general in the industry.

To start, please just tell people a little bit about iAdvance Now.

At iAdvance Now, we provide funding for businesses of all sizes that need capital to grow. Financial stability is something that every single business needs, but sometimes it is extremely difficult to get it, especially when you need it most. We try to make everything as simple as possible from the application process to the actual deposit in a banking account.

Repayment flexibility is a very big thing with us which sets us apart from our competition. We provide a solution for everyone so that they do not feel pressured to make a payment too early on in the process.

You work with new businesses all the time. How do you gain trust?

In the beginning, it definitely was a bit of a challenge to differentiate ourselves from others out there. If I’m being honest, there are a lot of options for merchant funding out there. Our company really decided to focus on providing a quality service that could start to grow organically. Thanks to some positive reviews and referrals, our reputation began to speak for itself.

What’s the most difficult part of your job?

While we do everything possible to accept the majority of applicants we speak with, there are times we need to respectfully pass on an opportunity for one reason or another. It’s always a difficult process in my opinion, but business owners do need to be responsible, experienced, truthful, and strong communicators for us to do business with them.

Ideally, we want every single business to reach their full potential. That is not always going to happen though. As long as we can give a business their best chance to succeed, that is really all I can ask for at this current moment in time.

What advice do you give business owners who continue to struggle with finances?

Owning a business is one of the most difficult things a person can do. A lot of businesses end up failing. With that being said, no business owner goes into things thinking they are going to fail.

Be realistic with goals early on. It is easy to try to really grow quickly or spend a ton of money that just isn’t there in the beginning, but everything will come in time. Also, having a definite plan in place beforehand will just keep everything more organized.

What’s a goal for iAdvance in 2019?

I am happy with where we are as a company right now in 2019. I do hope that we can work with more businesses than ever before with all the services we provide. Branching out and supporting different industries is also a very interesting thing in my opinion. The reality is that any business owner in any field can benefit from what we provide in situations where funding is needed.

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