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by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

Debt Payoffs 2019 Jacques Poujade

This coming new year, I recommend taking steps towards a complete debt payoff. Getting your loans paid will not only lighten your financial burden for the next 12 months, it will also help you start with a clean slate and potentially buy a home. Based on a report by the Federal Reserve, the average household […]

by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

Quantified Commerce In Depth Look

Quantified Commerce, a company out of New York, is looking to take the business of e-commerce and flip it on its head. They are focusing on blending creatives with data analysis to provide better e-commerce businesses around the world. Founded only in 2014 they are quickly changing the way people see e-commerce and how it […]

by Jacques Poujade Jacques Poujade

Well for Water Jacques Poujade

What happens when you need money to fix a problem, only for the problem to be why you can’t get the money? That is exactly the situation one veteran finds himself in. Mike is a Korean and Vietnam Veteran who lives with is wife in Modesto, California. Mike recently applied to refinance his home with […]