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What happens when you need money to fix a problem, only for the problem to be why you can’t get the money? That is exactly the situation one veteran finds himself in.

Mike is a Korean and Vietnam Veteran who lives with is wife in Modesto, California. Mike recently applied to refinance his home with us in order to get a new working well. However, the appraiser cut the value of the home, due to not having a working well, and we were unable to get him the cash he needed.

This was especially hard given Mike’s current health conditions. While deployed, Mike was sprayed with Agent Orange which has left him with kidney and heart disease. He has a stent in his heart and is currently on dialysis due to both of his kidney’s failing. To make matter’s worse, Mike is battling both lung and kidney cancer.

So, what can people do who want to help Mike get his new well? Recently, my team at LendPlus launched a Go Fund Me Campaign for Mike. My company believes in it’s motto, “A Better Way” and we know there is indeed a better way for Mike. We are hoping to raise $45,000 to help fund a new well, as well as, provide Mike financial assistance for his medical bills.

We believe in supporting our veterans. Mike deserves clean drinking water and being able to keep a roof over his head as much as any one else, if not more!

If you wish to donate or want to learn more about Mike and his story visit his Go Fund Me campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/veteran-needs-new-well-for-water.


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