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Ali Mayar Business Growth 2019 Tips


Ali Mayar has made a name for himself in the business and entrepreneurial worlds.

Mayar’s passion in life is to push himself and others to be the best they can be. In his eyes, business is one of the world’s greatest challenges, but the reward—both personal and financial—is exponential.

With his business, Platinum Rapid Funding Group, Mayar and his team provide small businesses the opportunity to get their brand out there and really make a difference by obtaining funds to sustain and grow their businesses.

By offering small business fair means to get their feet on the ground, Platinum Rapid Funding Group is changing the way business finance is done.

While Mayar’s ideas are tried and true, he offers consistency with his company. Consistency, in Mayar’s estimation, is far more important than ingenuity.

Consistency gets things done and sets the standard for others to follow. He recently shared with me his five tips for building a business in 2019.

1. Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Ali Mayar Business Growth Tips 2019 Social Media

Ali Mayar Business Growth Tips 2019 Social Media

In this present age, growing your social media presence is absolutely paramount for entrepreneurial and business success. However, Mayar recommends some specific practices which will jumpstart your social media effectiveness.

Constant updates:
Keep your business page up to date with the latest widgets, chatbots, and—of course—links to your website and other social media accounts. This will ensure that your social media is accessible on all platforms and gives your audience the greatest way to interact with your business.

Keep your business page separate from your personal page:
Believe it or not, some businesses like to run through their personal Facebook profile. While this can be useful for small side hustles, if you are serious about making your Etsy shop into a lucrative, full-time endeavor, invest in your own logo, page locations, and marketing. Keep your personal life separate from your business life, at least on social media.

Promote Education & Value More than You Promote Yourself:
Instead of posting constant advertisements of your products, create blog posts—like this one—which answer your consumer’s questions, show your product solving a problem, or offering useful information that is only loosely related to your product. Consumers who feel informed and valued in this way will be more likely to make a purchase than those constantly bombarded with advertisements.

2. Invest in New or Better Equipment and Software

Ali Mayar Business Growth Tips 2019 Social Media

Ali Mayar Business Growth Tips 2019 Social Media

Just as having updated social media profiles is important, so too must your technology be up to par. Having the latest computers and software to render your products and services ensures that you are putting your best foot forward with your clients. This includes having a killer website and up-to-date content management systems as well. Staying on top on software trends can help you get a leg up against the competition.

3. Seek Out a Mentor

Ali Mayar Business Growth Tips 2019 Mentor

Ali Mayar Business Growth Tips 2019 Mentor

Mentorship is paramount for success in learning your way through business. Business schools oftentimes equip students with the book smarts, but not the practical experience to back up their new endeavors. A mentor in your industry is a worthy investment as their knowledge and support will help guide you through the rockier parts of owning a small business.

4. Attend Trade Shows and Conferences

Ali Mayar Business Growth Tips 2019 Networking

Ali Mayar Business Growth Tips 2019 Networking

Networking, networking, networking is key to success in business. Attending trade shows, conferences, and local chamber of commerce events not only has you making great potential client contacts, but puts you in the room with other successful people.

Check out my top 5 conferences I think every entrepreneur should consider attending in 2019.

5. Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance to Help Get Funding For Your Business

Ali Mayar Business Growth Tips 2019 Business Funding

Ali Mayar Business Growth Tips 2019 Business Funding

Lastly, in order to get your small business the tech and means it deserves for proper growth, consider looking into a merchant cash advance.

In most instances to qualify, you must have been in business for over one year and have established revenue. This method is perfect for small businesses looking to reach the next phase in their business career.

For more business tips from Ali Mayar, visit his website AliMayar.com or follow him on social media for recent happenings and business inspiration.

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